Garden Update - Cinnabar Moths and New Life

Sunday, July 08, 2012 Adam Tilt 7 Comments

It's been a few weeks since I've featured our garden on this blog, but after a couple of significant events now seems like the appropriate time to do so once again. Firstly we've had some great visiting birds including a male Siskin, our first since the winter, and up to three Goldfinches who have been devouring the niger seed no matter what the weather. There was also a big garden first on Friday in the shape of a male Great Spotted Woodpecker. It spent about ten minutes on the peanut feeder and is the first one I've seen anywhere near our street. I'm also happy to report that we are currently inundated with fledglings from successful Blue Tit, Great Tit, House Sparrow and Jackdaw nests. In addition this young Blackbird has been popping up every now and then and posed beautifully outside the kitchen window during a brief bout of sunshine.

P1010564 - Blackbird Fledgling, Garden

Away from the birds Cinnabar Moths have started to emerge from their winter slumbers, though I bet they wonder what they've woken up to.

27489 - Cinnabar Moth, Garden

In the next few weeks I'd expect to start seeing Cinnabar Moth caterpillars and I've left a couple of Ragwort plants growing to provide them with food. Photos if and when they put in an appearance.


  1. i love your european blackbirds. so pretty.

  2. What a great black bird photo..he has that Innocent look--

  3. Lovely shot of that Blackbird Adam.

  4. Great photos ... and will watch this space for those caterpillars! Have still only seen one lone caterpillar this year (Small Tortie butterfly).

  5. Great images Adam..
    I haven't seen a Cinnabar this year on my walks but if last year is anything to go by the caterpillars will be everywhere on my patch.

  6. Wow, the moths is gorgeous. Love the colors. The bird is pretty too, great shots.

  7. Love the pictures, never seen a moth like that before either.


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