Llanddeusant Red Kite Feeding Station

Friday, December 06, 2019 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

P1230013 - Red Kite
For sheer natural spectacle it’s hard to beat a Red Kite feeding frenzy. The sight of hundreds of these impressive raptors circling and diving in a ball of whirling chaos is something that once experienced is not easily forgotten. We’re fortunate here in Wales that Gigrin farm opened to the public in 1993 as an official Red Kite feeding station allowing easy access to watch such gatherings up close and in relative comfort. Since then others have been established around the country yet, for some reason, we’d never visited our closest at Llandeusant. Until now.


Penwyllt in Monochrome

Wednesday, December 04, 2019 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

P1220906 - Penwyllt
I’ve long held a fascination for anything abandoned be it disused railway lines, industrial sites or mines. I’ve shared my exploration of these often little known locations from across the country on a number of occasions, but when it comes to exploring closer to home then Penwyllt is hard to beat.

P1220857 - Penwyllt

P1220862 - Penwyllt


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