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I am based in a village on the outskirts of Swansea, South Wales. My regular haunts include the Gower Peninsula, the Burry Inlet, Pembrokeshire and the Isle of Mull - all locations with stunning scenery and a vast array of wildlife. Many of the posts on this blog serve as a diary through which I detail my adventures and show the photographs that I have taken. I aim to impart some of my local knowledge along the way and encourage others to get out exploring for themselves. If you want to get involved then please leave comments and follow the blog.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Owltastic Gower

I've just got back from a very productive evening drive around Gower, one of my favourite pastimes at this time of the year when the early nights make any after work walking difficult. I've been doing it for a couple of years now and always keep an eye out for any Owls caught in the cars headlights. Tonight I finally hit pay dirt with a superb Barn Owl sat on a fence post along the Llanrhidian marsh road. I'd heard rumours that one had been seen occasionally in that area but truthfully never believed that we would find it for ourselves. It sat bolt upright for a minute or so before disappearing over the hedgerow with a few strong beats of its wings. Brief but brilliant.

Tawny Owls were also on the agenda with a couple heard calling at Parc le Breos and another spotted flying across the road on the way down from Cefn Bryn. While we are on the subject I have heard Tawny's calling around the house on at least a couple of occasions over the last fortnight and Emma saw one fly across the back lane yesterday morning. After years of thinking that Owls were one of those unattainable birds its brilliant to be getting regular views, and even better to have some literally on my doorstep.


Bob Bushell said...

Nice one, you must be rather "owltastic" in that beautiful place, Gower.

holdingmoments said...

Such elusive birds at times Adam, which make them all the more exciting to see. Nice one with the Barn Owl.

Jeremy said...

Wonderful for you to see the Barn Owl. I really must get to north Gower more often (although the south keeeps luring me with her charms!)

Adam Tilt said...

Bob - I'm 'Owling' with joy.

Keith - thanks. If only they came out in the day a bit more often.

Jeremy - I too was once the same but the ruggedness of the north had won me over.


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