Last of The Grasshoppers on Gower

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

With October comes the end of the Grasshopper season for another year and probably the last photograph that I will be able to take of one until next May. This Common Green Grasshopper was taken near the Blue Pool on Gowers north coast. There were several battles going on between individuals making the best of what turned out to be the last good weather of the year before autumn struck.

11548 - Common Green Grasshopper


Stonechat and Autumnal Colours on Gower

Monday, October 26, 2009 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

I took this picture recently whilst exploring near the Blue Pool on the North coast of Gower. It shows a female Stonechat beautifully back lit against the first autumnal colours of the year. At the time I hadn't realised just how well the scene was lit but I am very pleased with the final results.

11542 - Stonechat on Autumnal Gower


Exploring the Tideline of Gower Beaches

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

Whilst walking along Gower beaches I frequently come across various items that have been washed up by the previous high tide.

These are usually the normal shells and bits of drift wood, but recently things got a bit more interesting and I suppose a tad morbid. Rhossili Beach offered the first surprise with a couple of dead Gannets. judging by their size I would say that these were youngsters but their cause of death is unclear. I have read that Gannets can break their necks when diving incorrectly so maybe that is what happened to these two individuals.

11574 - Gannet corpse on Rhossili Beach, Gower

Further around the coast Whiteford Sands played host to several dead Dogfish. There appeared to be no visible damage to any of them, so I presume that these were once again natural occurrences. In the past fishing nets have been washed up along this beach with Dogfish found inside. As it is illegal to catch this species in UK waters the suspicion is that they are being caught and simply thrown overboard. I hope this isn't the case but I will keep my eyes out for any further occurrences.

11534 - Dogfish on Whiteford Sands, Gower 11535 - Dogfish on Whiteford Sands


Cows on Rhossili Beach

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

Whilst out for a walk during September at Rhossili beach on Gower, I came across a herd of cows enjoying an afternoon on the beach. The cows were paddling around in the shallows as well as lapping up water from small pools. An excellent source of additional salt I'm sure!

11577 - Cows on Rhossili Beach 11575 - Cows on Rhossili Beach
11581 - Cows on Rhossili Beach 11578 - Cows on Rhossili Beach


I'm Back - And With An Awesome New Garden in Tow

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

After a months enforced absence I am back and able to blog regularly once more. Over the last five weeks I have bought a house in Pontarddulais near Swansea and have moved in. There is a lot of work still to do but things are at a point where I have the time to update here and also get out and about and catch up with the rest of the Autumn migration.

The best thing about the new house is its location and garden with mature planting. The back of the house backs onto open hillsides whilst the front looks out over the Loughour estuary and the Gower beyond. We put the bird feeders out barely a week ago but the number of birds visiting already is very encouraging. We currently have regular visits from three Coal Tits, up to seven House Sparrows, four Chaffinch, a couple of Blue Tits and Great Tits, a Dunnock and a Robin as well as a sizable flock of Jackdaws who have already mastered the knack of flying off with whole fat balls. The best thing though so far has been the raptors. We have a Red Kite that hunts over the garden and surrounding hillsides, as well as a couple of Buzzards and a Kestral. Other random visits have included two Ravens and fly overs from a Cormorant as well as a Grey Heron. In just a week that it is an impressive list and variety like I would never have imagined. The plan is to develop the garden into a wildlife haven so hopefully things will only get better over time. It is certainly a step up from the grass square that I had at my previous house.

The Coal Tits in particular are proving to be quite tame, so over the coming weeks I am slowly introducing myself in the hope of getting some good photographs. I have already spent hours watching the Jackdaws and some of the characters and behaviors that I have seen have been fascinating. I may try and record the species in more detail to see if I get the same individuals and can spot patterns in their interactions. For now here are a couple of pictures that I have taken so far.

11595 - Coal Tit in garden

11594 - Coal Tit in garden 11596 - Jackdaw in garden

The rest of this week will be taken up with some of the pictures from the last month or so that I didn't get chance to post at the time. It's certainly nice to look back at the sun after the weekend of weather that we have just had!"


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